¡Hola! I am currently working on a project called ‘Type’. My job is to design a poster for a typography congress that will take place in CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona). The only requirement that we have for this project is that we must write the word ‘type’ and use the xerox machine.

I have recently been really into the old-school printing methods. In my other class (representation techniques) I was working with simple tools, such as acrylic paint and a roll and I have discovered some sick effects that you can obtain in a really easy way.

I decided to combine the roll effect with some xerox tricks. The image above (top right) was one of many trials of combining paper, typography and paint. The image on the right is the first version of the work. It was done in A4 and than scaled on a photocopy machine to A3. That way it has gained more of the classic printing effect.

I wasn’t pleased with the outcome of the first version of the ‘type’ project. The viewer was more likely to ready it as tpye than type.

Robert Indiana’s sculpture – Love – inspired me to rearrange the letters into a cube and replace the Y with a heart. Unfortunately the viewer’s eye is used to interpreting the heart as an O, so the poster still doesn’t work..


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