Poetry of Light

In this assignment we were supposed to create a project for a Architectural Congress called “The Poetry of Light in Contemporary Architecture”. The final work would be presented in A2 format. We were allowed to use black and white plus one additional color. In my trials I experimented with different toned and colors, but in my final work I decided to use just black and white. The technique I picked was acrylic paint applied to the paper with a roll. At first I was working with the soft roll, but when I tested it with black and white it didn’t work. Later on I used the hard, rubber roll and I was very satisfied with how it came out. This technique gave my work a manual effect, which fits to the poetic part of the congress. To make my poster more architectural I used the tame. I applied it over my work and painted on it. When I took it of the work gained different tones of grey as well as some constructive lines.

The typography of the poster was all done with Futura in one size, black on white paper. I cut it out and arranged it in a chaotic composition on the paper.


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