As John Maeda said “The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. “. In this project I tried to prove that statement by reducing an image of a parrot. As we know “less is more” so how much information about an image do we need to be able to understand it?

First I drew a parrot with just using lines. Now when I look at the image I notice that the amount of lines could be reduced to much less and the viewer would still be able to interpret the image.

The second drawing is done just with black surfaces. This way I am reducing it even more. Later I took the image (of black surfaces) and transformed it into a stamp done with sponge, roll and acrylic paint. I had to take into consideration that the image that I would receive would be inverted. While producing the print I created two sets of plates in order to be able to have a two-colored result.


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