1. “Metamorphosis” – from A to an Airplane

In this project I morphed letter “A” in 9 steps to an airplane. By changing smoothly from one image to another I received a very interesting effect. The work is done in 18x18cm square format with white background. I started the work with pencil, but in order to make it more contrastive and visible I vent over the main lines with a black marker.

2. “Split” – Speed

In order to visualize the word “Speed” I have glued on a paper the word written in a non serif font and added some additional effects around it. It adds movement to the image and underlines the meaning.

3. “Decorate” – Flora

Flora is a very delicate word so in order to make the meaning more visible I decided to create me own font. Every letter is written is a very unique way, always reminding you of the nature in the world. The technique I used is pencil.

4. “Express” – Shark

For this assignment we were supposed to represent the idea of a “shark” by using the letters of the word shark. We could draw our own individual letterforms or work with the predefined word. I decided to make the image very aggressive (just like the word that it expresses) so I created my own letterforms. I also added some shark elements to it, that way it is very eye-catching.

5. “Replace” – Office

In the project “Replace” we were supposed to literally replace one letter of the word “office” with an object that represents something of an office. The gain was to keep the word “office” readable. I replaced the letter “I” with a pen – very common object seen in an office. The font I created is very simple, yet decorative


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