La Familia

Hello! Here is an infographics project I just made – my family tree


In Process

New board in production !

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Bon Dia! Here is a project I have open working of these days: re-design of a packaging for Veritas Zumo de Naranja (Veritas orange juice).

3 versions of of the packaging:Final outcome:



Presentation in real setting: food basket 

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notebook sketches

Here are some notebook sketches I did while brainstorming before painting my board

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Spreading the news

Monday Morning with some great ideas. Last night I made a new poster about painting Skateboards and Surfboards. Printed it today, first thing after class, and skated around town sticking it in all key places.
You can see it for example in:

Drop Inn, IED Barcelona, Vans Barcelona, Amigos SkateboardsTommy Gun and maaany more

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Surf Art

I decided to start painting surfboards and skates. Here is a poster I made :

Bonus: Daily Fuck Yeah